John Solomon Knew John Durham Was Building a 'Small Number of Indictments' Back in January


John Solomon I'm going to play something from you that he had to say And this was back on January the 24th Of January 24th So I want you to put that in perspective of when this was Take a listen John Durham is continuing a criminal investigation We are going to be talking this morning about the Biden agenda Do you expect Durham to come out with indictments even in the face of a new administration and the Biden agenda unfolding Everything that I see in the activity of the investigation and everything I hear from defense lawyers and others that are familiar with what's going on is that he is building a small number of indictments trying to get the evidence to get there There have been some delays and there's fights over evidence in the secret behind closed doors grand jury fights but all the evidence is pointing toward him trying to bring criminal charges probably in the first quarter of this year That's what I'm hearing Of course there's a new sheriff in town when Merrick Garland gets confirmed as attorney general as we expect he will He'll have a say and maybe he'll take the and put the case and set it aside But right now John Durham looks to be building a small number of indictments focused on the top of the FBI That's very important The very top of the leadership in the FBI That's where he's looking Also in these documents that were declassified we learned about Christopher Steele and a confession a year after he was fired Tell me about that So important Christopher Steele finally describes his motive in September 2017 Remember he was fired in November for leaking to the meet in November 16 They bring it back in September He said here are my two motors My first motive was James Comey reopened the Clinton email case I thought that was going to hurt Hillary Clinton's chances I leaked to the news media to create a different storyline in the public And secondly I considered Donald Trump to be my main opponent and I didn't want him to be president because he would help my I think he would hurt the Great Britain U.S. relationship Now remember he's a foreigner He's a British former MI 6 agent This is the clearest evidence that a foreigner intermediate election We started the Russian collusion investigation thinking Donald Trump and Russia were colluding together And we ended it knowing that Hillary Clinton's handpicked MI 6 investigator intervened in our election because he didn't like Donald Trump and he wanted to help Hillary Clinton What a role reversal What a role reversal is right John Salman they're saying this back on January 24th Everything he just said by the way it's become true All of it Now the question now is can the media look the other way long enough Can the media look the other way long enough that you won't hear about this story

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