Noted Restaurateur Buddy Foy Jr. Ditches New York for the Perks of Florida


About the challenges that you're facing right now. Let's go back to the small. The the entrepreneur like you i mean you and i share a similar path. In terms of this we go back and forth between florida and new york. New york taxes chased me out. I mean they crushed me. And i thought i'm not doing this anymore. I love florida living. So i'm blessed to be able to to sort of live in both places. Most of the time in florida part time in new york. I know you had that similar journey. Let's talk about that path that you took a little bit like i did. The path is a little faster than i thought it would be. Cova expediate are florida. My wife and i we. We had an internet business in new jersey service in the fashion industry. Plus clients three hundred employees eccentric such a board meetings and eventually exited. That business ended up in lake. George boat-landing on lake. George start at the restaurant and frankly we wanted the ski. Snowmobile have some fun and as our kids started getting into the college age we said. Hey why don't we start doing part time in florida part time in florida. Which was my parents. Did the same thing they own a restaurant cates tiny garden right up the street from my restaurant new york and we like we kind of envy. My parents lifestyle where they spent three or four months a year in florida so cove cova we end up there for a couple months on the announced our plans and we fell in love with it and next thing you now we got shut down here in new york. So the governor of new york forced our hand where we were really nervous about our future restaurant owners and people who love employing people like we love giving jobs and when the santa's had a a press conference hey every jobs essential through. That's all i needed to hear. That's all and every detail of obsessive book. I think he will do the tv rate at me. You can open a restaurant in florida so we reached out to the community members. My brother happens to live in sarasota. He got involved in next. You know he was a partner with us at the at the anna maria island location. We found it we partners and in sixty days we had a business now if a business

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