Deadly 7.2-Magnitude Quake Strikes Haiti


Just cannot get a break. This is the two o'clock report. I'm Sandy Collins, breaking now. The impoverished nation lost hundreds of thousands of people in an earthquake 10 years ago today another quake hitting the island so far, preliminary reports say At least 29 people are dead, more expected. Haitian American groups say they are being flooded with calls for help this after their president was tortured and assassinated last month, and now a tropical storm is bearing down on the island. It appears like it is bad, and when we consider that Haiti was already reeling under the worst political Crisis of its history in recent history, you know that it is really, really, really a bad that is Marlene Basti in she's the executive director of the Family Action Network in South Florida that helps Haitian Americans the epicenter about 78 miles west of the capital. Of Porter Prince, and it was felt widely throughout the Caribbean.

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