Alan Dershowitz on How Colleges Have Become Propaganda Mills for the Hard Left


I mean though a is simply that the people that are animated whether on the left or on the right or any of these issues there at least paying attention even if they're on the wrong side but but it strikes me that the moneyed classes don't seem to think that this affects them in other words. The reason we are where we are is because those people typically have stepped back. They think that everything's fine. There isn't a battle for fundamental freedoms in america. They're wrong because their children are going to college and college. Today has become a propaganda mill for the hard left. And today you cannot your mind in a class or if you're a faculty member many american universities if you express views that are not politically correct. You are threatened. You won't be promoted. You won't be giving classes to teach. You won't be hired by other universities. I've written a new book called the case against new sensors five censorship by big corporations universities each and there are small never people in universities who want speech want to have a very very. Don't think speech codes. Who want to make sure that professors and students can't express users Their views and the administrators aren't doing very much about it. They talk about free speech but when it comes down to it they don't do very much to protect it on many college campuses so the rich and the elite who was sending their kids to princeton and yale and harvard in chicago and then they really do have something to worry about because they're sending them into place where they're not getting educated. They're getting propaganda is they're not being too how to think that being told what the

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