Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing

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Before we get into why you should invest in video marketing. I wanna i just bust some myths alana. People don't get past their preconceived notions of oh. I don't have the talent. I don't have the equipment. I don't have the expertise to shoot professional video and be a video marketer. The top tick talker in the world. Right now is a young man named copy. Lame shoots most of his videos with this phone. Half of his videos are not even his own content. he's reacting to other videos. He makes jokes. About how people over complicate things or gimmicks or devices that make no sense. And he's got ninety. Seven million fans on tick-tock. It makes something between fifty to eighty thousand dollars up host and he doesn't say a word on his videos. No script right. No fancy equipment. No huge pre-production budget. Nothing okay. he just puts out valuable content. And that's valuable to build entertaining. It's fun you found his niche and went all in but more importantly he found a growing trend which is video marketing video. Marketing is booming. Like crazy right now. All the top social media platforms are investing in video for reason whether it's instagram whether it's facebook doing facebook lives and facebook watch linked in getting into video. Of course. tick-tock is all video and it's the number one consumed type of content on people's mobile devices. People consume video more than any other content more than texts like blog posts more than audio podcasts. More than anything. And i'm here to tell you don't sit out on the sidelines. When something like. This is booming. The market a lot of money is going to get pumped into support it whether it's at dollars whether it's technology trying to make sure these videos are found like search engines whether it software to make it easy to produce this content the point here. Is that your work. Cut out for you. It's easy now to be successful video. And whatever you're comfortable with you're able to do so you don't have to be a comedian. You don't have to be a talking head meaning that you have to be on camera and be talking to your audience directly. You're gonna have video marketing working for you without you being involved in fact we've been doing this to really scale are video marketing. I can't shoot and be featured in every video that we have for our businesses so instead of you trying to be the expert just put your product in front of

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