Wildfire Incinerates Historic California Town


Massive wildfire that destroyed historic california town overnight continues burning out of control tonight. The dixie fire tore through the town of greeneville yesterday in new evacuation orders have now been issued for the surrounding area. Nbc news correspondent. Steve patterson has the latest on the devastation. Tonight a wildfires brad leaving another california town in greenville california destroyed a town of about eight hundred. That stood since the gold rush. It was scary. It was like you know. One of those Elliptic movies you see with fire and wind people going everywhere overnight. Those powerful red flag wins the dixie fire. Tearing through town you can see. The scope of the devastation. Residents were told to evacuate but not everybody. Did we'll firefighters are getting guns. Pulled out on them because people don't wanna evacuate at three hundred twenty two thousand acres. The dixie fire is now the size of los angeles and the sixth largest fire in california history more than sixty structures burned with the number expected to rise. There were a couple of towers of flame twice as always the trees just huge towers flame and tonight firefighters on the front lines of a new threat. That growing river fire is in an area that hasn't seen flames in one hundred years with drought brittle brush ready to ignite a plea for those in the past to evacuate. Should the time come on get allowed back in there. And it's either standing or as cash. That's one little hitters with the fire at the doorstep of another community another tense and uncertain night lies ahead.

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