Was the Alleged Russian DNC Hack a Hoax? Author Lee Smith Weighs In


Lee Smith is a columnist with tablet magazine the epic times and also the author of the permanent coup Great book Lee Thanks for joining me I appreciate it Hey damn Thanks for inviting me on great to speak with you as always Yeah well leave nobody knows you and I have been friends for a while We've been through the whole spygate debacle and the PP hoax and collusion hoax and everything and the very few people know more than you about this And one of the things I discussed on the Monday show is I think there's a couple more issues to drop here in this collusion hoax that's fallen apart with the lawyer the Clinton lawyers indictment a few weeks ago I'm getting from some of my sources and I'd like your opinion on it One of those shoes to drop may be that the alleged DNC hack by the Russians was in fact a hoax from the start I mean CrowdStrike and other companies can seem to provide definitive evidence at this even happen Your thoughts are on that hypothesis Yeah I mean one of the impressive things about the 27 page indictment I mean I've been told by people who know like you people from law enforcement who say that's 27 pages is an awful lot If they're just looking at a line to the FBI so hard So he laid out a pretty clear Durham team laid out a pretty clear case for a larger conspiracy here over 27 pages And there's a lot of involvement It goes to the Clinton campaign It seems to have a lot to do with the email stuff It seems to have a lot to do with the DNC hack So that certainly makes sense to me I mean we know that right The claim that the Clinton campaign and their allies in the press were making for years is that Russia hacked the DNC We learned several years later that the head of crowds CrowdStrike never had any hard evidence that anything had been hacked from the DNC

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