A highlight from New COVID-19 pill cuts risk of death and hospitalization by 50%.


Fuel New covert nineteen pill risk of death and hospitalization by fifty percent. Us attempts to rekindle relationship. with france. off the orchestra's numb and with gas pumps dry. Britain requisitions the army. It's saturday october two. I'm anthony davis as the. Us closes in on the hot breaking milestone of seven hundred thousand people dead since the pandemic began. A potential leap forward was announced by drugmaker. Merck who said on friday that it's experimental pill for people sick with kovic nineteen reduce hospitalizations and deaths by hoff if cleared by regulators mal new perr revere would be the first pill shown to treat covert nineteen adding a whole new easy to use weapon to an awesome that already includes the vaccine or other covert nineteen treatments now authorized in the. Us require an iv or injection. A pill taken at home by contrast would ease pressure on hospitals and could also helped curb outbreaks in poorer and more remote corners of the world. That don't have access to the more expensive infusion therapies mark and its partner ridgeback bio therapeutics sedalia results showed patients who received the drug within five days of covert nineteen symptoms had about half the rate of hospitalization and death as those who received a dummy pill. The study tracked seven hundred seventy five adults with mild to moderate covert nineteen who were considered high risk for severe disease because of health problems such as obesity diabetes or heart disease. The results have not been reviewed by outside experts. The usual procedure for vetting new medical research among patients taking monuc revere seven point three percent were either hospitalized or died the end of thirty days compared with fourteen point one percent of those getting the dummy pill after that time period there were no deaths among those who received the drug compared with eight in the placebo group according to mark. Dr anthony found she the. Us government's foremost authority on infectious. Diseases called the results from work very good news. An estimated seventy million eligible americans remain unvaccinated providing kindling for the highly contagious delta variant. Us secretary of state. Antony blinken will visit france next week as the biden administration tries to smooth over hurt feelings and potentially more lasting damage caused by its exclusion of america's oldest ally from a new indo pacific security initiative. The state department said yesterday the department said blinken will visit paris. Starting monday for an international economic conference but highlighted that he will also meet with french officials to discuss the rupture in relations the administration has been scrambling to mend fences with franz in the european union. More broadly since the september fifteen announcement of the australia us uk agreement known as orcas which cancelled a multibillion dollar. Australian france submarine deal. all sides. Agree it will take time to repair those ties. The state department said lincoln's talks will be aimed at further strengthening. The vital us france relationship on a range of issues including security in the indo pacific region ahead of his visit. Blinken met on friday with french ambassador. Philippe at on his return to washington after having been recalled to paris by french president emmanuel macron recall was an unprecedented display of anger to protest the exclusion of france and the european union from orcas which is aimed countering china's growing influence in the indo pacific but us officials remain concerned about the potential damage. Done to the relationship on thursday. The white house announced that national security adviser jake sullivan had met with ettienne to try to restore trust between the countries. French officials have said orcas was a stabbing the back for monday. Britain will deploy military tanker drivers to deliver fuel to gas stations. Many of which was still dry on friday after a chaotic week. That a scene panic buying fights at the pumps and drivers hoarding petrol in water bottles. With an acute shortage of truck drivers straining supply chains to breaking point. The government said on friday two hundred military tanker personnel. A hundred of which drivers will complete their training over the weekend and start delivering on monday. While the situation is stabilizing our armed forces are there to fill in any critical vacancies and help keep the country on the move. By supporting the industry to deliver fuel to four courts said defense minister ben wallace shortages of workers in the wake of brexit and the cove nineteen pandemic of sown disarray through some sectors of the economy disrupting deliveries of fuel and medicine and leaving more than one hundred thousand. Pigs backed up on farms. Conservative government ministers claims. The world is facing a global shortage of truck drivers and they're working to ease the crisis. They denied that. The situation is a consequence of an exodus of e. You workers following britain's departure from europe after the brexit referendum and have dismissed concerns. The country is heading toward a winter of shortages and powercuts e you members have not seen

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