Alfred Wegner Takes Continental Drift to the Next Level


It was a really interesting guy. Born in eighteen eighty in germany got his degree in astronomy but became meteorologist which was still a rather new field at the time. His primary interest was in the northern polar regions. And how air circulated. He participated in four expeditions to greenland and was one of the first meteorologist to adopt the use of weather balloons. However meteorology and expeditions to greenland aren't what alfred wegener is best known for its for his contributions to geology and geophysics. The idea that he is remembered for began innocently enough on christmas day nineteen ten. He was at his friend's house when he began looking at his brand new world. Atlas he made the observation that south america and africa seemed like they fit together like pieces in a puzzle. I should that he was far from the first person to notice this once. Decent maps began being published. In the last part of the sixteenth century people. i observed the same thing. The first person we know of who made the observation was dutch. Cartographer abraham or telling us or telling us created the first modern atlas in fifteen seventy which means he was probably the first person to have the idea because no one before that really had a good grasp of the geography of the continent's william colby wrote in his book on geologic history. Quote abraham are telling us in his work to doris geographic suggested that the americas were torn away from europe and africa by earthquakes and floods and went on to say the vestiges of the rupture. Reveal themselves if someone brings forward a map of the world and considers carefully the coasts of the three continents and quote. Ortelius was far from alone after him. The idea that the continents fit together somehow kept popping up theater. Christoph lilienthal alexander von humboldt antonio snider pellegrini and alfred russel wallace all made the same observation one or two hundred years before moreover there were several other scientists just a decade before who came to a similar conclusion. In fact. there's a good chance that you probably made the same observation. One of the first times that you saw a world map they took the idea to another level however he began by cutting up maps and piecing the landmasses together like a puzzle. He was able to put the continents together into one giant continent that he named panja from the greek words for all and land.

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