Texas Needs to Create a Confrontation With the Federal Government Over Border Crisis


More complaining about to joe biden. And we know who he is. He is not the president of this country. He has some sort of aims ambitions to china or central america. We've gone into that many different times instead. We need to be solution-oriented. I do not like the politics of complaining. Now if you live in california. I get it. Texas is not california texas hill country. They'll secure the border. The good folks in fredericksburg texas. They won't put up with this at all. We also have to stop caring with the left and the media says about us to relevant play. Cut fifty two. But we want to show you why this camp got so big in the first place at swelled the fifteen thousand saturday morning hundreds of migrants at a time just streaming in from sudani kunia walking across the river and just illegally entering the united states without any resistance from our federal government whatsoever. They crowded on the shore and huge masses. We watched it for five six hours straight thousands coming in and eventually the only thing that stopped it was the state of texas and they literally formed kind of a wall if you will with their patrol vehicles and they stemmed the flow. They formed a wall and they stemmed the flow. Of course there's zero resistance from federal authorities. Federal authorities are under orders from the president to allow an open border society. And this really does open the question. And i've asked this question for the last couple months. And i think we're finally seeing an issue that is exposing how republicans are under prepared to deal with the actual crisis. That's happening in america. Which is how much power to the states. Actually have the federal government postures. They flex their muscles but we saw under the trump administration that the federal government backed down when sanctuary state and sanctuary city measures were passed in seattle in portland and san francisco. Los angeles what texas needs to do is create a confrontation with the federal government and the federal government will back down. Texas is the perfect place to test this out.

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