The Left Are Threatening the Livelihood of Free Thinkers


But the left is threatening the livelihood of free thinkers. Here in America, and they're doing it to keep them in line. So, for example, when I give props to Nicki Minaj the wrapper for standing up for herself. That's not me, saying that she's the champion for the conservative cause. But I will celebrate liberty and action nonetheless. You know, a couple of years ago, right here on this program might have been 2019. I mentioned that the left hasn't fired a single shot literally. But figuratively. And quite literally, where under an ideological attack a very intense one. When activists that embrace Soviet principles. The principles that gave rise to communist countries and socialist governments. And they're succeeding. In teaching those same principles to students in their classrooms. Our Children. To readers of their journalism. Our neighbors. And to their constituents through various levels of government, the whole country. The choice is clear. That we have to choose Liberty Libertad. For the survival of this great nation.

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