Texans Confirm Deshaun Watson Won't Play Week 3 Despite Tyrod Taylor Injury


Stefania. Live update as the show started on tyrod taylor. Yes from our sara barshop who covers the texans and doesn't excellent job. We knew that he was forced out of the game with a left. Hamstring injury Apparently he has is undergoing an mri. He is considered data today with that hamstring So that leaves open the possibility of thursday night although that would be a very quick turnaround david kelly. Saying deshaun watson will not be active for thursday night so we know that for sure as davis meals on thursday night people. The newsradio davis mills will be starting for the panthers further Texans against the panthers on thursday. But i'm glad you said that's define a- matthew davis mistletoe. He looked. He looked like a rookie quarterback yesterday had a couple of throws that i was impressed by and the rap on davis mills for those who didn't follow the draft super closely. This guy at eleven starts during his career at stanford entered stanford though as one of the highest recruited players in the countries of five star the all everything quarterback injuries other veterans cage. Acosta was there for a while at stanford fairly talented guy. But this is a downgrade from tyrod.

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