The Propaganda Rodolfo Acuna Wrote to Mexicans in the U.S.


One 23 not only is the United States said to be a white dominant systematically racist society pressing all people of color But the country is very existence is a legitimate due to its colonization of Mexico's land This is what's argued hence the true natives are the indigenous Mexicans not the whites who promote racist nativism And this is being taught in our schools and so forth and obviously it's something that many journalists really embrace There was a book in 1972 written by a guy called a Kuna called occupied America And the author writes Mexicans slash chicanos in the United States today are on a press people They are citizens but their citizenship is second class at best Their exploited and manipulated by those with more power and sadly many believe that the only way to get along in Anglo America is to become Americanized themselves see what I'm saying Here Mexican American in your patriotic you've been Americanized you've got a problem

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