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This is hidden brain. I'm shankar vadim. When nelson mandela became south africa's first black president in nineteen ninety four. He had big dreams for his bitterly divided country we enter into covenant that was billed society rain bonus at this and the world. He spent a lifetime fighting the racist apartheid regime including more than a quarter century in prison. He was a heroic figure already. By that time. But many white south africans. They saw him as a criminal terrorist. This is psychologist van. Able as president of the united south africa nelson mandela or madiba as he was known to his supporters needed to find a way for the people in his rainbow nation to see themselves as south africans. I other petitions might have turned to speeches and policies madiba turned to sports offside by he used the rugby world cup which was being hosted in south africa and dreamed apartheid-era south africa had been banned from competition and the south african team was known as the springboks and they were beloved by the white south africans and despised by the black population. But what mandela did was. He went out onto the podium. Not just as the president but as a fan he had the green springboks passengers and he used it as a way to make a statement that we're one team were one country. Now and he took a symbol of oppression and use it as a symbol of togetherness presidents to the captain. The springboks team captain francois. Tr remembers the moment. Madiba walked into the team's locker room before the finals against new zealand. He said Good luck boys and they turned off and my number was on his back in the day was i couldn't sing the anthem because i knew would cry. I was just so proud to be south africa. That the match was a nailbiter. It went into overtime. South africa ended up winning fifteen to twenty across the country. Black and white south africans cheer together in triumph paid off nelson. Intel is cheering. The whole of the stadium ceo flags nelson mandela. Knew that getting enemies to cheer for the same sports team was only a start much work. Remain to heal the wounds of apartheid but his intervention reveal how psychologically astute leader can find ways to create connections among people even bitter enemies this week hidden brain how group identities bring us together tariffs apart

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