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We could be reading your letter live on the air just like we're going to read this one right here right now. Up and hold on tight. We got it for you here. It is straw every letter. Thank you have you subject. Is he a stocker. Or a smooth talker. There's even shirley. I'm a thirty eight year old married woman and we had what you call a world wind remains romance. We met and fell in love within three months and we were married after only nine months all of my family and friends that met him said he was the one for me and i should marry him right away. He knows how to treat a woman and he's the best lover i've ever had. I met him at any electronic store. I was looking to buy a big tv for my bedroom. And he was there to get surround sound for his basement. He helped me decide on tv and he shocked me by offering to pay my delivery fees. I went on a date with him the next day. And the rest is history. He told me he was going to make me fall in love with him. And then marry me the next day after our first date my neighbor called me and said there was a bouquet of flowers at my door. They were from him. And i called to ask how he got my address. He said it was on the tv delivery invoice. He said i could expect sweet surprises from him often because he was falling in love with me from then on. I was showered with gifts. No matter where i was he popped up at my church and had all the women jealous one day. My marriage is no different. It's as if we're on the same wavelength or he's reading my mind. Yesterday i was at lunch with two of my co workers and he walked in and walked my husband. He said he'd paid for our lunch. Kissed me on my forehead and left. My male co worker was mad because he pays the bill and he called my husband a stalker. He said. I need to watch my back before i end up on. What forensic files I'd never taken that into consideration. But he does pop up on me often like these tracking means and my married to a stocker or a real smoothed oskar. Ooh okay this letter is really giving me just gonna go there sleeping with the enemy enemy vibes. Remember that movie with julia. Roberts yup yup member that moving away from it. Yeah how about enough with jennifer lopez. Remember that one. Yeah those guys were crazy and this guy sounds crazy to me to You're going to have to get a restraining order. I'm filling that one day. Is he a stocker. Or a smooth talker. you ask. well sounds like he's a bit of both because that's how he got you to marry him so quickly all the smooth talking and all that all the gifts all that stuff you know mostly stocker vibe. Though he's given out because it's weird that he's rolling up on you like that all the time. I mean all the time he's at church you don't know he's coming. He got your address. This is not normal behavior and the sad part is that you have known him long enough to really know him. You should have googled him and researched him beforehand. You know no matter what. Your family and friends said mary him right away anytime. Something is too good to be true. Usually it is and you need to talk to some of his exit. I bet you'll get an earful about his crazy stalker ways and past. He probably has a tracker on your car. Your phone cameras all

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