Beth Pascall on the Importance of Finding Your Confidence as a Runner


I did see something you write. That says for the first time in a big race. I stood on the start line and i thought i could win now. This talks to what you were just saying. That and we don't hit women saying that very much an grunted you set it off to the race note before but we as women tend to shy away from thinking that way allowing ourselves to to think that way. So what gave you the confidence that time to think that and then from there. How can we take more of the upper joe. Do you think more women should be able to say maybe not win. Whatever success means in their world. but why can't we say. I think i can do this. Or i think i can succeed for me So for me. Something up with struggled struggled with not just in running. And i i've lost two years. I kind of came to realize that. I thought my confidence was affecting my results because i truly never thought i could do other race i would always be on the start line thinking maybe i could make top ten and and i feel like i had my results kind of stagnated for a few years night. Felt like us coming. Full all the time and i'm not but what am i doing. I see these girls doing the same training as many like. Why can't i do better and i. I always had this approach to races. Where i would run quite conservatively. I was kind of afraid to sean from the stock. And yeah i'd always be like said full something like that in in big races i i felt that confidence had a lot to do with it by didn't know how to change this. I think of athletes probably fell like that infamy it it was time and experience and results that gave me the confidence I think and i'd also just having like people around me. The really believed in me and gave me that confidence. My coach martin cox is somebody who i've met. Who's always telling me that. I'm better than i thought. I will And i mean it is a coach's job to be like you know that you can win this by never really believed him until the last year or so. I guess and as soon as i started feeling low confidence and she believing what people were saying. I started to win

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