The Federal Government Abuses Its Power With Mandates


Mandates. The federal government. The federal government has demonstrated time and again that it abuses its power. When he goes off. The constitutional limits. It abuses its power. We also see that it uses its its power. In ways that advantage certain people and certain political entities versus others. We see it every day. January six versus the entire summer of violence, rioting, looting, arson and maiming. So people don't trust the federal government and they don't trust the media. They don't trust broadcast companies. They don't trust them. If the federal government And its surrogates and mouthpieces had a record. Of even handedness of accuracy. Maybe we wouldn't be in this situation. Russia collusion goes on for three years. Three years. And the other The other arguments that the That the Democrat Party the media make Then when you look at the conduct of government over the course of the last 12 to 18 months Whether it's governors. Whether it's mayors. Weather is so called experts like Fauci, whose flailing around One excuse after another. People are very skeptical. About these so called experts in these demands. Many have lost their jobs. Many have lost their businesses. Many were told they couldn't go to church, a Supreme Court decision more than once the court had to step in to prevent Gavin Newsom from shutting down

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