SNES 30th Anniversary



What we're going to do if we're we have a we did three different lists mean mikey each picked list of our top ten and then we also did a collective top ten kind of what we're gonna do i. I'll mention when the collective one we'll talk about then. What kind of growth there. And then we'll go through our lives and back and forth so the first one that we decided together were is decided by the collectible of the world. Super mario world yoshi island is being one of the best game on the system. And this i completely agree with i. We did it. We didn't episode of this game on the show. I really should look these. And it's a game has always stuck with me. I got it when i was a kid at some point. I don't remember why i got it. Practice it with mario and he's retired. I didn't like the game because again it is such a good game. We played it back for the show. I had a blast going through it again. In this time i was able to really enjoy it for what it was and not be let down. Where like ain't gonna play games a kid. I wasn't as into it as much as i'm like. I wanna play. Mario i wanna. I don't wanna do this. In a. I might get some flack for this game has the best soundtrack of any mario game It's phenomenal i can't come into. I'm sorry you know we know how your th music but It's it's such a good one good back to you. Like i've watched two separate youtubers play through it in the last couple of just because it's a heads of classic for a reason i mean such a such a different take also episode thirty five. It's you'll hear us talk about at least one of us talking about it. Yeah i was looking for the collective list all but two of these. Ten games are on the show or have been on the show. They'll change eventually. I'm sure

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