A highlight from It's All Going to Pot: the Science and Economics of Edibles



All right we just received our madman delivery and we have a variety of attractive packages on the table. A sparkling pair camino which says it's social midnight blueberry camino which is a more of a sleep oriented packet. When i told my husband jeff we were making a gastropod miniseries about edibles. He was on the madman website. Faster than you could say cannabis does a couple of hours later. Someone arrived on my doorstep and handed me a big bag of gumy's they used to joke. Audis were designed so that when you open and close the door and had a very satisfying clunk. So let's see if camino these guys have a thought that through audio experience sounded good that of unscrews and pops open and you've got these Not necessarily appetizing looking. Purple gunk swears midnight. Blueberry which tasted demi moore like random blue candy than blueberries specifically. If you know what i mean i of course them nicholas twilly and i am cynthia graber. And you're listening to gastropod the podcast. That looks at food through the lens of science and history and for our tasting my partner. Tim and i stopped off at a recreational dispensary in massachusetts and. I asked for the very smallest dose. They had available. They had two milligram. Dummies in a grapefruit jin flavor. We bought one package of ten gumy's and took them home. Okay so i guess it's and because i really have never done this. I'm going to start with one milligram tonight. Because i want to find out the lowest dose. That has any effect at all. They might be delicious. The gotta work on their packaging. This is to make child safe. That it's like i think that's to actually just impossible open. It's like a gum drop. Yeah but now we want only half of a gumdrops. Right cheers tasty like one of those fruit slices of fruit candies. I could see how you could inadvertently eat too many. My god like i would. I would just up container because they're really delicious so what happened. Next is the rest of this episode. Just gonna be gibberish. All will be revealed as cynthia tries pot for the very first time in part two of our edibles adventure last episode.

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