What is Intermittent Fasting?

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A little bit about why intimate investing is for one and then by one lead again now so. I know that you know it's considered to be. This is a novel concept but if you look if you date back to biblical times it plays readily in multiple religions including christianity and islam. And so i-. I remind people that this is something that's existed for a very long period of time. We've just forgotten the value of not eating all day long and the easiest way to explain intermittent fasting as you're eating within a prescribed time period. We know that the average american eats sixteen to seventeen times a day. Which is just an unbelievable statistic and so if you're eating sixteen to seventeen times a day you are spiking your insulin. Which is one of those hormones that is designed to help. Lower your blood sugar. But if it's spiking all day long you kind of flip into this Less efficient way of managing your blood sugar and limiting digestive breast and things like that. So i'm an advocate of eating within a within a feeding window. I know people sometimes don't love to hear that expression but it's an easy way to explain that you're feeding window could be six eight hours and you just eat within that feeding window so for many people they may finish their dinner at six o'clock at night they breakfast at eight. Am they've already fasted. Fourteen hours a lot of the fasting time spent sleeping and so it is much easier for many people to wrap their heads around when they just think about. Oh i've already done fourteen hours. I can do this And once people have gotten the the knacker the hang of being obliterated fast you can have a lot of fun with it and it doesn't necessarily have to be the same The same schedule every single day. You could have one day where you twenty four hours. You have one day where he do. Twelve you know. Fourteen to sixteen hours you can do it around vacations and holidays and still stay on track and the most amazing thing about intermittent fasting that i've come to find as it even if people don't choose to change their diet fronts once they start shortening this window in which they're eating they feel better. They have more energy. they're sleeping better. Their digestion is improved substantially. And you know with a side of weight loss. I think everyone comes intermittent fasting with a desire to lose weight or lose fat but then they have all these other benefits. That will keep them really invigorated with this. The strategy

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