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Back with you on the on deck show Bill Byman, Arch brewers and pirates getting set for a double header here this afternoon after the rain out last night, And it's time now for the jockey pregame brief and we get a bunch of notes for you today. The Brewers, of course. Are rolling right now. We told you earlier in the pregame show, they have won 13 of their last 14 games on the road. They have a five game road winning streak right now for the Brewers, but one of the more important notes for this team beyond what the pitching has done all season long beyond what the defense has done all season long. It's what the offense is done in the last six weeks or so, beginning June 26. That's the last 40 games. We were sitting 2 68. That's fourth best in major league Baseball with a major league leading 239 runs and six runs per game. The team has scored 10 plus runs in a game eight times during this stretch, including the last time out with 17 to 4 win over the Cubs on Thursday. Brewers also getting some great production from Eduardo Escobar and his 13 games since joining the Brewers. He's hitting 3 46 with two home runs and seven driven and he's on a six game hitting streak. He's hitting 4 44 in that stretch another brewer in the midst of a 16 hitting streak. Is Willie Adama's and the Brewers, Of course, getting great production as well from rowdy to Lesbos.

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