A highlight from Happy Hour #418: Rachel Jones


I need to tell you that you need listen up like really listen up because we have something that we're announcing our newsletter. Soon that you do not want to miss guys. I have missed gathering with people. And i just. That's all i'm going to say. That's all i'm going to say. But i'm saying you need to be a part of our newsletter because that's where we're going to send out the info on what is coming up that we are offering you guys jamie dot com slash newsletter. And make sure that you are signed up to get our newsletter. And then i'm gonna ask you just take a step further. We send out a newsletter every wednesday and friday. So if you're signed up or if you go and sign up and you don't get it go look in your spam golick and some other kind of folder where they might put it. Because that's sometimes where mind goes. I have to go find it and i'm telling you you want to know what we are about to have for you guys. I am giddy excited. I'm also getting excited about our guest today. Rachel jones is here. She's the author of here. It is a brief theology of periods. Yes really that periods. She's also author several books in the award. Winning five things to pray series and she's an editor at the good book company. She helps kids and serves on the mission court team at her church in surrey. Uk this is such a unique and interesting topic of conversation that truly. We don't talk about enough. And i'm so thankful for rachel leading in this conversation in today's episode rachel talks about what scripture says about women's periods. And how we've been culturally. Raised to be secretive about periods is like we whisper period. Rachel also dives into the topic of another book. She wrote which is called. Is this it which talks about the infamous quarter life crisis and feeling like. Is this really all there is. It's easy for us to be unhappy. You're dissatisfied when we have high hopes big dreams and we feel like we're living this monotonous life. I don't know if any of you guys can relate to that. But i love today in the conversation when rachel says that life is short and eternity as long and it's very easy swept up in what now looks like or even what the next fifty years look like but we really believe that we're headed to the glorious future with the lord. Jesus then we're not going to sweat the next fifty years. That is such good advice. Some of us can even say we're not going to sweat this weekend. The next few weeks to beat a reminder that no matter what our lives look like today as a believer in jesus christ. We know that our future is so very very bright are go subscribe to the newsletter. Jamie ivy dot com slash newsletter. Make sure signed up. It's going to be fun you guys. We're gathering. I cannot even

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