A highlight from So, you want to be an Entrepreneur? Part 2


Welcome back everybody to wednesday episode at the top one best some today graceland nursery opportunity. You can call me damn show welcome. I guess tonight returning brave. You are the second time history. Chris offered all the way from san antonio joey's tech for having me audit for sued. I'm looking forward to tonight. And then joining us from indiana. My good friend and college buddies. Well michael henderson. Mike how are you good. Good thanks for having me absolutely glad you could be on here. So let's give some quick background to the listeners. About the trio here. That's that's talking. I don't want to give a whole lot. But mike why don't you go ahead and just introduce a little bit of how the three of us know each other so obviously we all went to school at k. you had a great time Chris and i were in the same fraternity. Joy was a guy and the guts know. Each other I would say mostly After classes in downtown richmond was probably the time that we spent most together I course you know my credit joe is at. You'd sarah met at my house parties. We'd have credit you. Yeah that's right that's right so Very very hardy. Everybody yeah yeah. That was a great party. I think it was two thousand one and we even have pictures of that day. I believe when we were out on the deck and then into the evening as well. And i know there's pictures of that night some of those pictures. You should burn probably the ones that you keep if you got any other. Go ahead and get rid of those naps. But i think it was great. I mean we've all remained friends. Ever since and i mean that's in twenty plus years ago so no matter. It's funny no matter how much time passes from when we all are able to talk and catch up. It seems like it was yesterday. Yeah i would agree with that absolutely. Yeah now mike you after ku you. We'll do a little bit of just a quick update. You guys are now in indiana correct. Yeah so after graduation. I went to work for Our fraternity and spent two years traveling with them. It's ryan which was a great experience and came back to Kentucky went to work for a company in the plumbing industry manufacturer's representative in the plumbing industry and really the only reason i went to work. There is because a fraternity brother work there and basically got me the job and like a lot of people in there right out of college. I didn't really know what i wanted to do. I just needed to make some money and And really. That's what i've been doing. Ever since i've been in the plumbing industry Since nineteen ninety six or ninety seven since nineteen ninety seven been in the plumbing industry Had opportunities start my own business in two thousand two sold that business a few years later And then went to work for a company and bought this business in two thousand seventeen so yes so anyone that the tuning in for the first time. Here the the So you want to be an entrepreneur part to tonight's episode and i've asked michael to join us tonight so the last episode the part one. Chris joined us and matthew snotty. We all had a lot in common from the small business entrepreneurship and small business owner. And i wanted to i. I don't know how many episodes will have this. But i wanted to have a secondary with michael. On because michael's business has gone way larger than the small business owner and entrepreneur from a standpoint of of opening a shop for the first time like i'm doing and like chris did several years ago with with his restaurants and how he's diversifying and how matthew was even talking in the last episode of he likes that that area that he's in he does not want to get to a certain size right he was. He was saying he likes that. That area in that. That niche is perfect for him. And that's great michael on the other hand. Tell us a little bit about your company. Now where you are your employees and your growth and just tell us a little bit of of where you are now. Then i want to jump back to how you got there. Yes so. I think that you know the kind of the first step is to you know entrepreneur. Sometimes people associate that with somebody who starts a business while that's certainly part of it. You know entrepreneur definitely means somebody who runs a business right owns and runs it as and i would say that you know for us You know the nice part about where we are now is even though we're much bigger than say you know What people would consider a small business.

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