When Yukon River Chum Stocks Collapsed, Donated Fish Came in From Bristol Bay


This summer saw some of the worst runs on alaska's yukon river but bristol bay processors have been enjoying great runs and donated fish to alaska native tribes along the yukon river kyi. Uk's olivia egberts reports. You're going to write the number of fish on this label. that's tanya ives. She's packing up chum. And kim salmon to be distributed to villages along the lower yukon river bristol. Bay processors sent the salmon too. Quick pack the only fish processing plant on the yukon. This donation is about twelve thousand. Pounds of salmon. Quick pack is splitting it up. Between ten lower yukon river villages the yukon river has seen its. Worst summer chum. Salmon run on record that means the commercial. Fishery is closed and puck can't sell salmon this year subsistence. Fishing for chum. Shook is also closed and many people along. The river have not had a taste of the fish yet. This season with puck voted the salmon community to community we down thousands of pounds of frozen fish a tender boats lowly motors up the cold rainy yukon. At the helm stands captain darren jennings saving delivering salmon to the villages is new to him in previous years. It'd be picking up commercial. Fisherman's fresh catch and taking it. Back to quick. Look we dock in saint. Mary's workers from all gotcha and undressed ski. Tribes the fish into their pickups and then drive them to households all evening a woman inge bay from saint. Mary's is grateful to have at least a bit of fish. We got to right now. I have them dying out. So i can can them with little opportunity for subsistence salmon. Fishing her grocery bill has gone out. her husband. walkie says they'll have to try for other species of fish to get them through the winter in saint. Mary's i'm olivia egberts.

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