California Has a Lot of Recall Attempts, and Not Just for Governors


The city of los angeles alone. There are currently three efforts underway right now to recall members of the los angeles city council and the tone of the l. a. times here is telling quote another day another recall notice in the city of los angeles. You need a grand total of five voters to get together to begin the process of calling for a recall for los angeles official five voters. Literally you can start a recall with the number of people you can fit in your camry and it's not just lay across the state of california. There are more than seventy elected officials who are facing the threat of recall just this year. Because that's how they do it in california california asked for recalls all the time you can mount a recall campaign against any statewide elected official for any reason at all if you can achieve the grand results of collecting signatures from just twelve percent of people. Who voted in the last election for that seat. Not twelve percent of registered voters but twelve percent of the number of people who voted in the last election for that seat specifically. That's all you need to be able to get that. Statewide elected official. Put up for recall as low bars. Go this is kind of so low. It just sits there on the floor and invites you to walk on it. And so every governor in california for the past sixty years as faced at one attempt to recall them And you will of course recalled the successful two thousand and three recall of democrat. California governor gray davis. That's how we ended up. Bizarrely with governor arnold schwarzenegger for a hot but now the republicans are trying again with this. Recall attempt that they are mounting against democratic governor gavin. Newsom the polls close tomorrow tonight Excuse me close tomorrow night at eight. Pm pacific time

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