What’s up With Harry and Meghan’s ‘Strange,’ ‘Plasticky’ Time 100 Cover Photo?

Bob and Sheri


I noticed that prince harry and meghan markle are on the cover of time magazines yearly one hundred cover and the one hundred cover has one hundred people who have strong influence one way or the other in one area or the other and they are the couple. They've who's been chosen to be on the cover and they're getting roasted by the internet. The images so overly edited and photo shopped and. I don't think fair to blame them for that. I think we blame time magazine for that. So let me. Just let me just before i tell you. I've looked at every tweet every memo every post and i've chosen my favourite which i'm going to bring to you now but i wanna say in their defense. They didn't photoshop the cover. That's time magazine. However what's with the pos- so the cover shot. There's a bunch of photos inside the magazine but the cover shot is it's harry and meghan and they're in some outdoor setting on their estate in montecito meghan dressed all in Like white what challenge awards jumpsuit. No it's why it's white trousers. I can even tell you the brand. It's the row white trousers. White shirt About three hundred eighty four thousand dollars worth of jewelry. Harry is is wearing all black and he standing ever so slightly behind meghan with his one hand on her shoulder and her hair is out and gorgeous and they're both looking into the camera and there's a very serious faces us series into the camera. Yeah straight the camera. She looks they both have kind of an intense but pleasant. Look on their face. The meam that the the tweet that that completely owns the internet and nobody will top it. Is this one. Harry straight up. Looks like he's megan's hairdresser explaining to her what he's done with her layers

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