Herschel Walker: Reacting to Comments Made by Barack Obama


Is really offensive that is mocking you and attacking you. Well, I don't know whether there's offensive, but it just shows you the type of person he is. You know, one of the things about it is that uncle Joe, that's what he called Joe Biden. Uncle Joe, that's what he called him, so he showed the type of man he was. Joe Biden was somebody that he picked me as vice president but now I seem to be talking about it that shows you the type of man that he is and so that's why I tell the Jordan people he's lost not once but twice in Georgia and now he's out there promoting Rafael that he had done anything for Georgia. He's shown that he votes for every bad policy we're going through right now and he's still promoting someone that's going to hurt Georgia that's going to hurt the United States of America. So what type of clout do we give him? None. Right now I want the people of Jordan didn't know. I'm here to fight for Georgia, not to fight for anyone else, but if I for Georgia and the fact that the people are the United States, we got to get back into this constitution, get back into this America, is number one, we shouldn't have America as we're bad people. We're good people. Herschel Walker on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, Herschel, I do want to ask you about president Trump and maybe you can clear this up. What's the deal? Is he going to campaign for you? Is he coming to Georgia? And if not, why not? Well, he has been campaigning for me and we've been doing telephone rallies together. We've been doing things together. We're going to do even more. And I've welcomed everybody to come down and want to help me to win this great seat for the great people of Georgia because we got to win this state. It is so so important because we don't win this seat. They got to change this country. I think we're going to need to realize what's going on right now. And if you don't like your gas prices, you don't like it how grocery prices you don't like to climb. They got on the street. You don't like this open border. You got to get out and vote. You got to get out and vote.

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