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A community farm in Colorado is keeping the environment in mind by replacing traditional farming equipment. Brett beardmore's owl tree farm has ditched the tractors for chickens. There's a lot of the baby boomer farmers are disappearing. Nobody's wanting to take on the next generation. And so there's kind of this weird opportunity that we see to help guide the guide farming methods into a better direction. The ten acre property isn't much as far as farms go, but it's enough to do things their way. Co owner Forrest Carlson says the chickens on site turn the soil, which releases less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than traditional tilling wood. All that knowledge, all that equipment, all that exists, it's just a matter of, you know, helping people realize that there's a different way to do it. There's a mobile chicken coop, which makes it easier to move the animals from patch to patch wherever they're needed. I'm Ed Donahue

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