China virus protests hit Hong Kong after mainland rallies


Hong Kong residents have taken to the streets to protest China's zero COVID policy, which is now entering its fourth year. Protesters chanted freedom and we don't want revolution we want reform. We don't want a leader. We want votes. The demonstration comes after people around China took to the streets in anger at the government's strict COVID policy that has confined millions to their homes. The rallies throughout the mainland prompted the government to ease some restrictions, nevertheless, police were out in force the day after the protests. One of the Hong Kong protests took place at the Chinese university of Hong Kong, where about 50 students lit some candles in memory of those who died in the urumqi fire, days earlier, they also sang a protest anthem which hooked back to their anti government protests in 2019. Protests in Hong Kong have become less frequent under rules imposed to crush a pro democracy movement in the territory which is Chinese but has a separate legal system from the mainland. I'm Karen Chammas

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