Qatar World Cup Mangroves-Mangroves intro and wrap


Soccer isn't the only attraction for people coming to Qatar for the World Cup about 1.2 million international visitors are expected for the World Cup away from the crowds and the soccer stress in this gas rich country is one of the largest mangrove forests People say in Qatar's desert but they don't know it's a living desert Mangroves grow above and below water Nicholas nacha can take you along out the Kira which holds 70% of the mangroves in Qatar Kayaking They are natural There's no harmful gas that is going to the mangrove or something else We try to keep away the jet skis So the mongrel will be growing naturally There's nothing disturbing Tourists can also spend their day in a camp and in the evening enjoy a barbecue by the water in mangroves One popular spot along out the Kira is purple island which comes from the snails living on it which produce a green residue which turns maroon and then purple in the sun I'm Ed Donahue

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