Larry Taunton: The WEF's Unspoken Agenda Is Depopulation


Well, we were talking about Kissinger just a moment ago and really what I want to drive home is this whole idea that at bottom the World Economic Forum. Whatever their videos they put out and the sound very good and they're various feel good, a conferences and these kinds of things. The World Economic Forum at bottom, they're unspoken or let's just say it's not unspoken, but quietly spoken, agenda is depopulation. And this began with the predicament of mankind in 1970 and the fact that Kissinger and 74 is pushing in a classified document, a classified report to the president of the United States, depopulation. And he says, look, we need a global version of Planned Parenthood. And now in this document, he's speaking quite openly because he's not anticipating this is or ever going to be read by people like you and me. But you have this agenda being pushed in a very big way. Now, the Kissinger connection is important because Kissinger was a professor at Harvard's Kennedy school of government. And guess who one of his star pupils was? I was going to guess either Satan or Adolf Hitler and I realized neither of those really would make sense.

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