Caller Supports Marjorie Taylor Greene for House Speaker


Relate to nominate much you agree. So Georgia, I think, should be a good one. Is that right? So what do you like about Marjorie Taylor green Cathy? Well, I don't really know that much about her. I don't get to listen to the news that Martin stuff, but just I think she'd be a good one. All right, well Kathy, we're going to write you down for MTG as Speaker of the House. I'm sorry to hear. You know, I think there's something going around the country right now. And folks are getting the flu. They're getting sick. I hope you're doing the chicken noodle soup and everything, Kathy. I'm doing a chicken noodle soup and I don't really have a flu. I started out with tons of lighters and now it's on my chest. Oh dear. You gotta get some of it, get some good ice cream, so just good chocolate ice cream. Blue bell is a good brand. So all right. Kathy feel better and thanks for calling in. Folks, Kathy says MTG would make a great Speaker of the House.

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