Marjorie Taylor Greene: DeSantis Should Stay Put in Florida


What's on your mind as you think about this Trump situation, you were telling me about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Yeah, yeah, there's apparently there's an article on epoch times that that desantis should avoid the 2024 race and remain a Florida governor and the reason she gives is that we need to have as many Republican governors in the United States as possible because they are the ones that control their state, the crime, all those things, right? And if we don't have a really good governor, then all those things that people take for granted quite frankly, will fall to the wayside or elect a Democrat and then things will go really bad. You know, like in California and in New York. So I think she does have a point, but I kind of wish she would also stay out of the primary. I don't really think that anybody should be talking about the primary right now. It's too early. It's too early and it's also a little bit toxic.

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