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Garrett, are you there? Good morning, rob. I am, I feel like a new man. I am now led into the community of all the naughties on a secret face. Secret face is the bad secret. It's called rump shooters naughty friends join our DM 8 Terry runs it and Garrett, you're part of the community. I feel I feel welcome. Good people. You love me. I feel like I'm a part of the Illuminati at this point. Normally when I get a link sent to me online, I'm very skeptical of clicking it, but yet I did and here we are. I appreciate all this. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the power behind this podcast and happy birthday, my friend, your birthday over the weekend. Did you have fun? Oh, it was a blast, had friends, had drinks. The only thing missing was one rock. We will celebrate this week. I promise we will go out. You were too busy with bravo cops. We'll get to that. It's our lead story. It was quite a weekend. Hey, what time is it, my Friends? Tea time to brother con, tracer blamed money and famous for ruining her family, so Teresa is not really speaking to her brother, Joe or her sister in law Melissa, accusing them of picking fame and money over family. So this is interesting, Tracy is not saying that fame and fortune and money. She's not saying that changed her. She's changed. She said everybody else. Everybody else so she admitted that her brother not going to her wedding to Louis was very, very painful. She said, she was devastated. He's my only brother. My only family that I have and he is all she has left ultimately fame and money. Did this to her family, she goes on to say that if you guys knew the real tree, so you know that she's all hard is what she is claiming and the family is the most important thing to her and you guys saw me grow up with my brother and we were inseparable. So they were on different panels. Things are so tense between these fractions that they couldn't even sit down on the same panel. So on a different panel, Joe was asked about this and he said, it really gets him angry. He's tired of hearing this, and it's not about fame. It's not about money. It is about Teresa. Oh, the drama. I mean, it's so ironic though, it's like pot calling the kill black. It's like, everybody succeeded from being on this reality show, correct? Yes. So then to point and say, no, I did not change Eugene. I am the same person that I was before. Right. Cameras. I mean, and maybe thinking about. Maybe Teresa's brother was a fan of her ex-husband. You know what I mean? And maybe just doesn't see the eye with the new guy that she has sex with 9 times a day, you know? They do talk about their sex life a lot. Now Joe said something that I thought was really interesting though. He said, if you love each other, you want to help each other rise. So treason was on the show first, then Melissa and Joe contacted the show. Teresa said behind her back to get on it. They say absolutely not. So we don't quite know what happened there, but they said they wanted part of this money of this fame and so Teresa was the first, but if you love each other, you help each other is what Joe is saying. I could buy that. I could buy that too. But you know what, I always think about this too. And we know celebrities out of anyone, just like we all go through crazy things sometimes and it gets blown up if you're a celebrity specifically. I always think about this, rob Schroeder and maybe would you trade it all in for the fame and the money, but knowing that you would have to go through, let's just say what Theresa no. So her marriage broke up, she went to jail. No, my marriage alone is too important. Forget the jail part, which is hard to forget. She was in jail for over a year, so no, I don't think I would. I say to my friends all the time and I hope this is true for lots of people listening. If life was a game show and I was offered the $1 million to gamble all this to try and get that better slot, would I take it or would I hit pause? I would hit pause. If my life stopped at this, if this was my life until the day I died, I feel very, very lucky. I like my life. I like what I do. I like my days. I don't want to gamble that for fame and fortune. What about you, Garrett? Yet no, I think about that too. And I think at first it sounds appealing, but not realizing what your life would have to go through down the road. You know, it's almost like you saw, it's almost like a movie where, you know, the good and bad devil come to you and be like, hey, if you sign this comment. You'll be guaranteed this amount of money, but there might be some stipulations. You see it. Look at what Jennifer Hudson has had gone through with her life, you know? Nicki Minaj. It's almost like do you think in a previous life you sign up going, yes, I'll be famous, but X has to happen to me.

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