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AP sports I'm check freedom The baseball playoff races were all decided going into game one 62 both leagues played day games hoping for a drama filled day but instead just some individual accomplishments were on the line New York Yankee Aaron judge missed out on a Triple Crown didn't play in the final game and his three 11 batting average was 5 points lower than American League chip Minnesota twin Luis Arias judge says he's not ready to look back on his historic season We had an early game today and you know now the season's over if you got to get ready for the postseason so it'll be you know once completely over with and you know whatever happens happens and all the chance to kind of reflect on everything and what kind of happened While Arias became the fourth betting champion in twins history twins manager Rocco bell Delhi says Arias put a nice camp around his season with two walks at a double before coming out of the game Louie goes out there he gets on base three times and he's the American League batting champion So how often do you get a chance to say that The twins are not going to the postseason and the New York mets are Jeff McNeil won the NL batting title with his three 26 average Trying to get back to the player I knew I could be You don't have to last year in the last year wasn't a great year for me so kind of wanted to get back to who I am The Kansas City Royals are moving on They have fired manager Mike Bethany and pitching coach Cal eldred the royals never did contend They were largely out of the race for most of the season Matheny becomes the 5th manager to be fired this year Miami Marlins manager Don Mattingly went out a winner His final game as the Marlins manager Marlins defeated the Atlanta Braves 12 to 9 madly announced earlier last month that he would not seek a new contract His team finished 69 and 93 The wild card round starts tomorrow NFL wide receiver Cole Beasley has decided to retire after 11 seasons Beasley saw time in two games for Tampa this year The protester who ran onto the field last Monday night in the LA rams San Francisco forty-niners game has filed a report with the Santa Clara police department He was tackled on the field by rams linebacker Bobby Wagner Check freedom AP sports

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