World Cup last 16: Why every team left will, won't win it all in Qatar


I ended up being able to represent my country in the World Cup three world cups. I was able to be a captain, one of those world cups. And yeah, I was able to be a kid for a little bit longer by playing the game that I loved. Well, it definitely worked out for you. Thoroughly enjoyed watching you in all those world cups. And thoroughly enjoyed watching yesterday. I live Clint. I live 5 minutes from Hershey. Hershey's right down the street. So obviously what Christian has been able to do is very exciting for all of us. Let's just start though with the game itself. I just kind of want your overall breakdown of the game yesterday against Iran. Okay, yeah, I mean, going into the third game, we've got two draws. The first game, you feel like almost, it's a draw, but it felt like a loss. We're winning one nothing. We conceded the penalty in the 83rd minutes of Wales. The second game we gotta draw against England. Being the underdog, we fought hard and we showed a lot of grit and we had a lot of the better chances we could have won that game. That drawing it up feeling like a win. What's

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