The Democrats Are Pulling Out All the Stops for the Midterms


The Democrats are pulling out all the stops for the midterm election. They are getting a little bit panicky. Because the polls are showing a movement toward the Republicans, even in areas that Democrats thought were completely safe. So for example, Washington state Tiffany smiley is running against the incumbent senator patty Murray, while Democrats didn't think they needed to defend Washington state, but suddenly they do. Smiley is running a really strong campaign and think about it. This would be a very unexpected pickup if Republicans can win a deep blue state Washington state. And so it looks like the Democrats are calling upon. Well, they have the media already largely in their pocket, the media is doing brazen lying and lobbying for Democrats. One very amusing aftermath of the fetterman debate and I've been putting out some very sharp tweets about that poor fetterman. I mean, I guess the case for federman can be summarized this way. Yes, I'm brain dead, but Biden's brain dead, too. And he's running the whole country. Why shouldn't I run Pennsylvania? Since when is being brain dead been a disqualification? But what I found laughable was that the Philadelphia inquirer says our editorial team watched the debate and we decided that fetterman won. So this is literally taking leave of their senses, moving into crazy will USA, just The Twilight Zone as Debbie puts it. And so it's time to call upon the aid of digital media and in this case it's not Zuckerberg so much. Zuckerberg, in fact, had put, as you remember, a giant amount of money, almost half a $1 billion into the 2020 election. He's not doing that in 2022. And I don't think he'll do it in 24, either. But Google appears to be doing some sneaky backroom stuff.

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