We Have a Young Generation Who Wants to Hate America


And I think this ultimately is the big picture issue. And I want you to hear me on this. Since at least 2020, our nation's public schools have been radicalizing our kids. Remember common core? They were teaching our children that America was founded by a bunch of terrorists. They called the Boston Tea Party and act of domestic terrorism. You remember all that? And then along came critical race theory. And they were teaching people to judge, you should judge people by the color of their skin, that if you're a white person, you are the oppressor if you're a black, you are the oppressed. And then along comes the sex and gender crowd with this radical ideology. You got, you have a generation of young people. They don't know their pronouns. Many parents had no idea this was going on. For 20 for 20 years, most parents had no idea what was happening in that public school classroom. For 20 years. When you look at the when you look at the numbers of people who turned out to vote, there were a good number of young people, so the young people actually got out and voted in the midterm elections. And what I find fascinating is those young people are the people that were in public schools and over the past 20 years. We're talking about the millennials. We're talking about Generation Z a group that has been radicalized to hate America. A group that has been radicalized to believe that communism is far better than capitalism. So theoretically, and when you look at how these young people responded, when Biden said, you know what, we're going to forgive all of your student loan debt. We're going to make the American taxpayer just bite the bullet on that. You've got a generation of young people that would rather just rely on the government. Look at what happened during the pandemic. Nobody wanted to go back to work. They wanted to sit on their fat butts and the bark loungers, getting a monthly check from the government.

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