What Do These Election Results Mean?


Asked all morning and late into last night as I was doing the commentary on network from both Fox News max and others, you know, what does this mean? Where does it go? Let's just try and sum up where we are. What was very interesting, very good last night if you were coming from a conservative defense. Number one was Florida. Ron DeSantis took a seat in which he won by really .1 .2% four years ago and won by 20 points last night. I mean, it was a complete beatdown in the state of Florida. Now, Charlie Crist was an awful candidate, should have never won. But then again, nobody wanted to run against Ron DeSantis in Florida because Ron had built up a not only a very high profile governorship with keeping the site open, working to keep businesses going. But he also, and there's a beyond the gap there of governance that Ron DeSantis and his administration did very well. And that was he did the administrative part well. I mean, the businesses were kept informed. The schools were kept running, the money was going out, the training, so to speak ground on time. When the hurricane hit, it was, I mean, you'll hear anything out of the Amy and was one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit South Florida on that side of the western side of this in years. And yet, I mean, the bridges are being put back together. People's homes are getting put back together. They've reduced the regulatory burden. And again, the mainstream media has left Florida. If they had not been doing so well far there would be inundated with national press talking about how bad the Sanchez did. And he didn't. He did a great job working that out. Again, now everybody is saying this is now an early referendum on 2024, especially with Donald Trump saying he's going to announce for president next week. Again, I think it makes an interesting case to see what happens. As we go forward here, will desantis take that opportunity to run against Donald Trump while others jump into the race. A lot of the conversation is that that will be true. Again, my heart take this second is just as I just hold on.

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