Afghan couple accuse US Marine of abducting their baby


A custody battle is playing out in U.S. courts over an Afghan toddler I'm Ben Thomas with the story A young Afghan couple among those who fled the country last year as the government collapsed and the Taliban took control are suing a U.S. Marine and his wife for allegedly abducting their child just a baby at the time she had been injured in a U.S. Military raid in 2019 that killed her parents and siblings A couple of months later the Red Cross said they'd found her family and she was sent to be raised as a daughter by her adult cousin and his wife Unbeknownst to them according to court records a U.S. Marine Joshua mast and his wife had filed for adoption in a Virginia court massed helped the family flee Afghanistan during the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. troops in August 2021 Once on American soil however at a relocation center for Afghan refugees the couple says the child was taken to be united with the masts who they were told were her legal guardians They call it an abduction The mass say they've acted admirably to save the baby and keeping with their Christian beliefs I'm Ben Thomas

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