A highlight from How to Access Your Inner Wisdom, Day 5 Let Go of Self-Limiting Thoughts


Honor you for giving yourself permission to slow down to connect to the best part of who you are, how are you doing? I wonder how your challenge this week is coming along. Every week you have a challenge to keep you attuned to the weeks, theme, your challenge this week is to reflect on your three best quality and also to consider a difficult situation you are in and answers you are seeking. The theme is to listen to your intuition. And you do this by letting go of yourself limiting thoughts. You're going to be guided today to allow yourself to fully embrace your best qualities. And when you do this, you're able to tune into your intuition. In fact, you're able to help yourself open up to what you might need to do to help you resolve difficult life circumstances. This is tuning into your inner wisdom. And that's what you'll be guided through in two days, meditation. So you can go ahead and settle yourself down and get ready to meditate. Always making sure you're nice and comfortable, I always encourage you to sit on the edge of a pillow. This could be a meditation cushion, a pillow from your bed or from your sofa, and when you sit on the edge, this allows you to roll your hips forward, and this keeps your spine neutral and straight, which is so important to help keep you alert, as you meditate. All these different little tweaks really make a big difference when you meditate. As you close your eyes, keep them slightly elevated upwards to keep your thoughts uplifted. Notice the rhythm and flow of your breath. Notice how you're feeling today. Name your emotion. Mary reflect on ow, your current emotional state might have to do with the problem or situation you're seeking answers to resolve.

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