Rep. David Kustoff: Predictions for Tomorrow's Election Results


This could end up shaping to be another 1928 election cycle for the Republicans where back in 1928, Republicans had a 32 point or 32 seat lead in the House of Representatives. I mean, this could be huge for the Republican Party. You know, we're on the cusp of cusp of it. And like I said, it feels good. The enthusiasm is certainly there. I think that if we could get to around 35 seats, 36 seats, something like that to your point would be the largest majority that we've had in 90 years on the Republican side. Conservatively, I feel good about 15 to 20 seats, but the potential is there. And you know, I look at things right before we right before we came on, I was looking at a story that had posted on The Wall Street Journal website, headline is GOP gaining support among black and Latino voters. And that's true. And especially, I look at some of our candidates nationwide. Who are Latino, we elected a fair number in 2000 and 20 and in special elections with my Flores. We've got a number of minority candidates and Latino candidates who are running on the Republican side who are espousing the same conservative values that we talk about every day. So it's not, it's not one, it's not one sided, it's not monolithic. We are all talking about the issues that people are concerned about. The inflation, the economy, crime and the border. I mean, those are those are the top issues. That's what people, that's what people want to see solutions about and they certainly haven't seen it over these past two years under the realm of Pelosi and Schumer and Biden.

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