Will Alex Jones Be Punished More Than Financially for Sandy Hook Lies?


Boy, speaking of justice delayed, a Connecticut judge has ordered Alex Jones to pay an additional $11 billion. 473 million on top of right, he had already been in order to pay 965 million. I mean, you know, you see him openly taunting these poor families and saying you're never going to see a diamond, there's no money. Is he going to be able to evade this justice forever? He's not going to evade financial justice. And that is important, particularly, you can't make the sandy hook families hold. But you can punish the you know what out of Alex Jones for lying and taking advantage of the tragedy of people's children being murdered. I want him prosecuted in the event the evidence supports a prosecution. That's where justice comes in. Money is important. Send him to the poorhouse, give every penny he has to this any hook families. But he needs to be held accountable for his part in ginning up the insurrection.

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