Ali Velshi's Worldwide Perspective on the Turn From True Democracy


If anyone has a worldview because you report from all over the world all the time, it's that, right? Netanyahu is making a comeback. What's his name, Bolsonaro, thank God, just lost, but it is this ongoing worldwide battle, isn't it? About autocracy fascism. There are a couple of standouts though in that. So Netanyahu, mama had been Salman who doesn't have to run for elections ever. Vladimir Putin who doesn't have to run for elections ever. And Xi Jinping. We have a few people here who are in a much better position if Donald Trump were to win the election. And Donald Trump now looks like we'll declare that he's running for president on according to some sources on November the 14th. So there are people who are setting up for it, right? So Saudi Arabia and Iran got together to cut oil production to increase oil prices right before an election to hurt Democrats. And because they would like to hurt Democrats and they'd like Donald Trump in power. Netanyahu facing indictment and all sorts of things want to be prime minister of Israel looks like that's actually going to happen. And have never had a better friend than Donald Trump. So there's two themes going on in the world. There's a general lurch to the right, but not just the right toward fascism toward all these things. And I think a lot of people don't understand that having the vote does not guarantee you democracy, right? Iran has about Russia has a vote. All these people vote. But there's this lurch to the right, and then there's a bunch of people in the world setting up for Donald Trump to regain the top spot as the anti democratic guy in chief. And that's a big issue. You've now heard a lot of Republicans talking about, I don't know if we should spend this kind of money in Ukraine. Kevin McCarthy Senate Marjorie Taylor Greene said it. You know, so I am very worried that that is an abstraction to a lot of Americans, right? We're dealing with the price of gas. The price of food, and these are all very, very real issues with interest rates going up and inflation. But if democracy ends while we're worried about that, it's going to be a problem.

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