A highlight from Being Honest With Yourself About Your Life, Day 4 Living With Intention


When you tune into your inner wisdom with a path of Guyana yoga that we explored in last week's series, you began to realize that the answers are within you. There's really nothing outside of yourself that you really need to enhance who you are, of course, there are so many things in life that still you have yet to learn and explore, but what you have within you is enough. You are enough. And this week with karma yoga, you're being very honest with yourself, that's your challenge for this week and honesty quest. Where each day you are striving to consciously live your life with intention. And you're sharing your life with others and being very honest with them, of course, taking care. To be honest in a way that allows people, dignity, and respect. And not foreseen any realization upon anyone, making sure people are ready to hear any truth you might reveal to them. So this sets you up for you beginning to live out fully.

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