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My honor to out of the four most powerful words ever spoken in a democracy. The people have spoken. Warnock's victory speech touched on history, family, religion, voter suppression, and promises to continue his bipartisan work in Congress. After a hard fought campaign you got me for 6 more years. Veronica waters for CBS News Atlanta. Duke Andrew says it expects to restore power ahead of schedule to thousands of homes in a central Carolina county that have been without electricity for several days it happened after an attack on electricity substations. Lilian Donahue reports on how a church is bringing comfort to the community. Although first baptist church of Pinehurst was one of the lucky buildings to get power back on Monday, many who go here and well over 30,000 people in more county are still in the dark after the intentional shooting of two power stations. We haven't had hot showers in our House in two days, so we're taking advantage of it too. It's such a great gesture that they're doing the help the community. Help them give back with showers, food.

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