Up to 30 people conduct robbery at Best Buy in Burnsville


I'm Black Friday it wasn't just shoppers grabbing up deals gangs of robbers were also hitting stores in the Los Angeles area police say there were several incidents of mass robberies Beverly hills police say they arrested four people in a car Friday night after a home depot was hit by thieves who stole items including hammers crowbars and other tools the LAPD arrested three people after they stopped a car and spotted merchandise inside these had just rushed into a designer store and grabbed goods police say in another incident an employee was hurt after an altercation with a thief involving pepper spray and in yet another three people with a handgun robbed a high end Melrose Place store and it's not just happening in LA around the country in Minneapolis a group of twenty to thirty people grab numerous electronic items at a Best Buy store in Burnsville and ran out according to police I'm Julie Walker

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