ISIS Leader Dies During U.S. Special Forces Raid in Syria


Who you are breaking news until hours ago. Abu Ibrahim Al Hashemi Al karoshi was the head of ISIS. He's dead. You have special forces striking and Idlib Syria, a place that's about 300 miles from Jerusalem. So it's a lot closer to Michael Oren's land than to ours, although I think Michael Lawrence and the U.S. today, former ambassador from Israel to the United States, doctor Michael oran, good morning, doctor Aaron. What's this headline mean to you? It's always welcome news with a leader of ISIS or Al-Qaeda or Hamas or Hezbollah gets to pass out of this world. I just was never particularly due to the major threat by Israel. You should know Hugh. The ISIS from our perspective was several thousand men mostly with light arms and machine guns on the backs of trucks. Our biggest threat of his bola was a 150,000 rockets pointed at our city. That's a major threat. But that doesn't mean we're anyway not relieved to see one of the major commanders of ISIS eliminated.

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