All 3 men charged in Arbery's death convicted of murder


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting all three men charged in amat R. breeze death are convicted of murder the three white men charged in the death of Ahmad Arbury outside the Georgia port city of Brunswick were convicted of murder Wednesday you have heard the verdicts read where these your verdicts then and are these your verdicts now yes I sound courtesy of court TV your respond regnant Michael his son Travis McMichael and neighbor William Roddy Brian guilty after about ten hours of deliberation the McMichael's grab guns and pursued the twenty five year old armory in their pickup as he ran through their neighborhood in February twenty twenty Brian joined the pursuit in his pickup and on cellphone video recorded Travis McMichael fatally shooting armory the men face minimum sentences of life in prison and it will be up to Superior Court judge Timothy Walmsley whether the sentences come with or without the possibility of parole hi Mike Rossi up

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