How Joe Rogan Thwarted the Gatekeepers to Reveal the Truth


Joe Rogan signed a record contract with Spotify. Joe Rogan used to post his content everywhere. Used to post it on YouTube used to post it on Apple podcast in particular, he was consistently one of the top podcasts on Apple podcast. Spotify came to him though with a record breaking contract. I think it was a $100 million signing bonus basically, not to mention some of the ad revenue in some of the other inside of saying, hey, your exclusively can come to Spotify. Now the time this seemed like a great deal for Spotify. Mike tirico, thank you from football night in America. He actually does a really good job. Mike tariko. And so Joe Rogan at the time when he signed this deal, it seemed like a winner for Spotify across the board. They're going to compete in a podcast space against Apple 85% of all podcasts, by the way, are on Apple podcasts. Thank you for subscribing to the Charlie Kirk show. We're in Spotify as well. And Spotify is mostly and mainly a music streaming service. Used by a lot of different people, very popular and has grown throughout the years. Acquiring the exclusive rights of Joe Rogan seemed to make all the sense in the world. Until Joe Rogan started to say things that the employees and the stakeholders of Spotify did not like. And so there's this dilemma that is kind of, let's say, hit the shores of Spotify's island, which is how do we deal with a problem like Joe Rogan? Kind of like how do you deal with a problem like Maria? But the difference is that there really shouldn't be a problem. They signed Joe Rogan under the belief that this was going to be the free speech kind of rough round the edges swearing, talking about things that you might not want your 9 or ten year old to talk about. And let me be very clear. I'm not endorsing every episode of the Joe Rogan experience. There are some incredibly graphic, quasi Howard Stern episodes of the Joe Rogan experience of people that have lived very colorful lives. But there are other episodes of the Joe Rogan experience that if you edit it out for swear words are incredibly interesting and intellectually pure. That's just you don't know what you're going to get. You don't know what move the guests are going to end. It's going to be and you don't know where the topics are going to go. The kind of unexpected, unscripted element of Joe Rogan makes it real and authentic, which is why it's been so successful. The Joe Rogan having doctor Peter McCullough and doctor Robert Malone on his program, all of a sudden has completely disrupted the matrix because he circumvented the Facebook fact checkers, the YouTube Gestapo. All the people that were previously able to censor Ivermectin hydroxychloroquine azithromycin and skepticism around the vaccine, no, no, no. Joe Rogan found a way to get that truth out to a 130 million people outside of the gatekeepers. And for

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